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May 7 - Reserve Bank of New Zealand Rate Decision
Begins 9:45PM NY / 1:45 GMT / 11:45AM AEST

May 10 - US Inflation Report & Canadian Employment
Begins 8:20AM / 12:15 GMT / 10:15PM AEST

May 14 - US Retail Sales & Canadian Inflation Report
Begins 8:20AM / 12:15 GMT / 10:15PM AEST

May 14 - Australian Employment Report 
Begins 9:20PM / 1:20 GMT / 11:20PM AEST

May 22 -Canadian Retail Sales 
Begins 8:20AM / 12:15 GMT / 10:15PM AEST

May 23 - German and Eurozone Flash PMIs
Begins 3:20AM / 7:20 GMT / 5:20PM AEST

May 29 -  Bank of Canada Rate Decision
Begins 9:45AM NY / 13:45 GMT / 11:45PM AEST

May 31 - Canadian GDP
Begins 8:20AM / 12:15 GMT / 10:15PM AEST

***Don't Worry About Missing
Any Sessions!***  

**ALL Webinars Are Recorded for Permanent On Demand Viewing***

Live Trading Begins May 7th!
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